Storage FAQ

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When can I move here?
 We have storage units available.  Give us a call at (423)570-9800 or (423)605-4105.  Our one-day service can get you moved in today.
How do I pay my bill?
 Bill payment is easy.  Just stop by our convenient location or pay by the phone.  See our specials here.
How should I pack my things for storage?
 Place your heaviest items at the bottom.  Also organize your storage unit so that you have an aisle down the middle from the roll-up door to the back of the storage unit. This will allow you to navigate your space much more efficiently. Don’t forget to keep your frequently-used items at the front of your storage unit for easy access.
What forms of payments do you accept?
Cash, check, money order, and all credit cards.
Do I need to bring my own lock?
We will provide a lock for you.
How do I move in my items?
An electric bay door provides convenient vehicle access inside the facility.  Our units are strategically placed to ensure you work smarter not harder.
Are there any restricted Items?
If you plan on storing any gas-powered equipment, remember to completely drain the fuel and check for any leaks. State laws prohibit the storage of any hazardous or flammable materials.